Welcome to Metaboseek!

An interactive, browser-based tool to analyze your mass spectrometry data.

Find LC/MS features that are different between your samples, perform statistical analyses and create high-quality graphics for publication!


Metaboseek is currently under development, and new features are constantly added. Try it online (may take up to a minute to load)!


- Run XCMS analyses locally on your computer without writing a script

- Find metabolites of interest in an MS feature table (generated with XCMS or other tools)

- Browse and plot extracted ion chromatograms of many samples and LC/MS features in parallel

- View mass spectra, predict molecular formulas


- Integrated molecular networking functionality


Developed by

Maximilian Helf

Schroeder Research Group

Boyce Thompson Institute

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY


Contact: mjh438 .at. cornell.edu